LUDIFU = Let Us Do It For U


What is LUDIFU?

Ludifu is a service that helps get your photos off your phone and into a 6 x 4 inches photo book. You can select from 1 up to 100 photos. Each Page is Perforated which makes it easy to tear + share with friends/family OR frame your photos. Every book your order shall have a artistically designed cover depending on season and time of the year. The Spine of the book will represent the time of purchase to help you better keep track of your albums.

How much Does it Cost?

6 x 4 inches = Rs. 199 (Rs. 1.99 per photo)
9 x 6 inches = Rs. 499 (Rs. 4.99 per photo)


From where do I download the application?

iPhone app -
Android app -


Why can I only upload photos directly from my device?

We would like your experience to be as convenient as possible while choosing to upload photos from your phone.

What happens if I upload fewer than 100 photos?

We take a standard benchmark of 25 / 50 / 75 and 100 photos. Suppose, you upload lesser than 100 photos, we shall try reaching to our benchmark number by duplicating your uploaded photos. Eg: If you upload 20 Photos, we shall duplicate 5 photos to reach our benchmark of 25. If you Upload 70 Photos, we shall duplicate 5 photos to reach our benchmark of 75 photos AND if you upload 76 Photos, we shall duplicate 24 photos to reach our benchmark of 100 photos.

Yes, you can choose to not have duplicate photos at all by writing to us at 
Yes, we can duplicate more photos to reach 100 photos regardless of how many ever pictures uploaded. For this, you will need to email us after uploading your photos and making the payment.

The pricing remains constant for each size album - 6x4 inches for Rs. 199 & 9x6 inches for Rs. 499 (regardless of how many ever photos you upload up to 100)

How long does it take to receive the delivery?

We process our orders on a weekly basis. Allow at least 10-15 days to receive your delivery. There are chances of receiving your PhotoBook within 2-3 days as well however, we cannot commit as its truly dependent on Order Rush

How do I select multiple copies of the same photo?

While you are Uploading pictures, you shall also notice a “Review” button. Click on the “Review” button. You will now be able to see all your photos uploaded till date. Kindly select on any of the pictures you wish to create multiple copies of. The image will now enlarge and on the top right of the screen, you shall see “Copies”. Tap on the drop-down box and you will be given a number of choices from 1-10. Eg: If you choose 5, your current photo on your screen shall be duplicated 5 times and will get added to your Current set of 100 Photos.


How will my photos appear if they are not originally from my phone?

Most of our photos are shared via. social Networks or whatsapp and other mediums. Some of them will not have the same dimensions and properties as compared to the one’s taken from your phone camera. In this case, you may have a white border around some photos. This is to ensure we do not crop anything out of your photos. If you are using an Android device, the closest setting for your phones camera is a 4:3 ratio.


How do I send a single Ludifu to a family member or friend?

Tap on the Gifting icon in the app. This will take you to the Send Copy screen. Select which closed book you would like to send from the dropdown menu, then add a recipient. Then simply tap Send This Book.


What do the letters on the spine of my book stand for?

 The letters represent each month of the year, so that you can easily mark off the dates of your books.


Has the application or the company been published anywhere till date?

4. Hindustan Times - Page 11 - HT DO - 25th February 2017
5 Mid day - Page 26 - Rated as Best Deal for the Holi weekend

What are the Facebook and Instagram Handles of LUDIFU?

Facebook -
Instagram - (1000+ Followers)


Where can I see a video about LUDIFU?

Video 1 -
Video 2 -
Video 3 - (Introducing Raj and Simran)

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